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5 x 8 Feet

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Often called “rag rugs”, chindi rugs are commonly made from recycled cotton that is soft and easy to clean. In this way, they give new life to materials that might otherwise be discarded. The Chindi Cotton Collection lets you indulge in the eclectic style of these eco-friendly rugs right in your own home. Available in a range of bright and playful colors, subtle variations in hue give this collection a uniquely textured monochromatic look. Finally, the unique flatweave construction and cotton materials makes this collection especially easy to clean, perfect for high-traffic areas like living rooms or dining rooms where you want to show off your worldly style.
At 5' x 8', this area rug is the perfect size for living rooms, large dining rooms, open floorplans, or anywhere you want to bring a little more style into your home.
This yellow rug is energetic, warm, and exciting. The perfect way to brighten up a room.
A unique flatweave construction and bright monochromatic designs give the Chindi Cotton Collection its eclectic style.
Because they have no pile at all, flatweave rugs are especially durable and easy to clean. Flatweave rugs are great for high-traffic or spill-prone areas.
Made of 100% recycled cotton, these rugs are soft, durable and eco-friendly!

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